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#622 About introverts - a surprisingly good article

Posted by Olga Farber on 04 November 2014 - 11:48 PM

Being an introvert, I saw many articles/books on this subject, but this one.. is not only right on point, but also emotionally touches me in some special way.. whoever wrote it, knows what it is, to be me. :) Are you like this, too?
14 Truths About Being An Introvert
1. An introverted person can function better when working alone, than when working in a team. It’s not about being a “team player”, it’s about what can help them produce the best possible result. And working in a team, well…it’s is distracting.
2. Being quiet does not mean “having nothing to say”. It means that one simply enjoys being quiet. As an introvert, I find some of my most satisfying moments when I am in a gathering and observe people talk, without saying something myself. Why don’t you speak? Because I am perfectly content absorbing the stimuli of my surroundings without producing any of my own.
3. Introverts choose who they connect with very carefully. And when that connection has been made, it runs deep. Some people can be all depth, instead of breadth. And that is perfectly okay.
4. Going out in a coffee shop with your book, work, or music, and enjoying that perfect little state between sociability, but without interaction, is very, very satisfying.
5. Rainy days at home are blessings. Period.
6. A trip alone to a foreign country or another city is not scary. It’s an adventure, and not having anyone meddling with your planning is pretty liberating. The lone wolf does survive (if you got my reference, you are awesome).
7. You can never comprehend how some people can spend the entirety of their day together, even fresh lovers in their honeymoon phase. Space is healthy. Silence is necessary.
8. Time alone means time for introspection. While many people avoid looking at their problems, letting them fester and become toxic for them, an introvert can take the time to listen to themselves and perhaps find solutions.
9. Being the observer in a group can actually be very beneficial. It gives one more chances of operating in a behind-the-scenes way.
10. Similarly, the observation of people can lead to better understanding them, which can make an introvert a very likeable person. Everyone wants an understanding confident who lets them speak out for a change, in a world where everyone has an opinion that can, unfortunately, be pushed on to you.
11. Spending less time socializing means coming up with so many more things to occupy your time! There is always a book to read, or a movie to watch, or a language to learn, or some volunteer work you can do, and so on. An introvert can see adventure in the most ordinary settings.
12. That moment when you finally come home after a large party is like the first breath of air in a long time, and a great relief.
13. It can be funny, interesting, and a little bit sad when people get surprised that you have so many interests and hobbies. “Oh my god, I had no idea you did so much!” I mean, it’s not like I sit and stare at my ceiling when I am not with people. But your surprise entertains me.
14. Socializing can be draining, but an introvert can love spending time with an extrovert. Opposites do attract, and one fulfills the other. There are things an introvert cannot do without an extrovert, and vice versa.
To sum up, being an introvert is a great thing. Being an extrovert is also a great thing. The greatness lies within the fact that we hopefully live in a world where people can just be themselves. Being clever and successful is not about learning to separate the more capable (read: sociable) ones from the less capable ones. It’s about fully utilizing every resource, and more often than not, an introvert might just be the ace up society’s sleeve.
Embrace introverts, whether it is the one hiding inside you or someone in your social circle. You won’t miss out.
(с) from Susan Cain's book “Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking“


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#4919 A short lecture on practical use of products

Posted by Tatiana Karovina on 01 February 2017 - 11:47 AM

Ak-Tom Air Training - practical lecture

Practical lecture about 30 minutes for everyone who is interested in this technology.



AK TOM by Dr. Kozhemyakin

The concept of EHF-radiation for treatment combines the construction of Oriental Medicine and modern quantum mechanical models that have been adopted around the world, in particular, constitute the theoretical basis Homotoxicology and contemporary German school of 

homeopathy. Oriental medicine considers the human body as a combination of physical and energetic start, which corresponds to the basic postulate of quantum mechanics on the dualism of matter.
Scientists have established long ago that the material carrier of information in the physical world is electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum is a kind of language in which the transmission and reception of information between the physical systems, including living organisms exists.

Ak Tom® is an inter cellular, biofeedback communications device that has recently been introduced to the United States from Russia.

Short-wave therapy device AK TOM reproduces the signals of healthy cells and makes the cells to revert from sick to proper work, tuned in with the external radiation. Low intensity (informational) effect provides strong physiological effect without heating the tissue or structural changes with minimal necessary energy.



"Ak Tom AIR" is an EHF device which has only one mode: "Background Resonance Radiation mode" whose active time is 1 minute. This mode is similar to the second mode of the regular Ak Tom and Ak Tom Mini devices.

Background Resonance Radiation mode functions the following way. 1) The device captures electromagnetic waves of a biological object (human body). 2) The device repeats the radiation of the body.  This enables us to suppress weak pathological cells and to maintain normal functioning of healthy cells of our organism.

The device was designed for protection of people from the negative influence of electromagnetic fields. Most people know that these fields are everywhere, but few of us know how to protect ourselves from their harmful impact.

How to use the device

To use the AK TOM® “AIR” place the bracelet at the inner side of your wrist and switch it on by pressing the frontside button (there will be a green blinking light signal). After completing the session (1 minute) the device switches off automatically. To realize the full resonance effect, leave the bracelet on the wrist (minimum 45 minutes). The bracelet is switched on automatically, if there is a high level of electromagnetic activity in the environment.

Within one minute the frequencies affect the blood flow through the radial artery (it is on your wrist at the place where you can hear the pulse, and acupuncture points are located there), then they switch off while continuing to purify the blood in the Background Resonance Radiation mode. This influence eliminates clots of blood that are formed under the influence of electromagnetic radiation,  prevents spasms of vessels, improves the flow of oxygen into the blood and intensifies the removal of toxic substances from the blood.






The Ak Tom Air is a medical device designed for everyday use.  It helps to fight  the negative influence of electromagnetic fields, produced by such electromagnetic aggressors as:

  • power lines

  • electric  wiring inside buildings

  • domestic electric appliances

  • personal computers

  • television and radio transmitting stations

  • satellite and cellular communications (devices, repeaters)

  • radar installations

  • metro, trolley buses

  • elevators

  • electric locks

  • traffic lights

  • electronics in cars, etc.

The Background Resonance Radiation method is effective for treating a wide range of diseases. It can be applied for:

  • complex therapy of diseases of the nervous system;

  • complex therapy of diseases of the cardiovascular system;

  • relieving pain of any kind and location;

  • facilitating non-specific immunity;

  • reducing fatigue;

  • supporting your body against stress and physiological disbalance;  

  • improving sleep and, very importantly, sleep efficiency;

  • helping the organism to adapt to the surrounding world, to the modern anthropogenic civilization, reduces the possibility of its negative impact.


• unspecified diagnosis;

• individual intolerance of this kind of therapy;


• pacemaker and other implanted devices with autonomous power supply (in this case a consultation of a doctor is necessary).

Small size makes it possible to wear the device on your wrist all the time and use it anytime when you feel pain or discomfort - at home, at work, while doing sports, during travelling, etc.

The device does not protect its users from negative influences, but it helps the organism to fight negative consequences of these influences.  



Ak Tom Air is compatible with other kinds of treatment and can facilitate them. The use of the device improves the efficiency of taking medicine and at the same time enables to reduce the dosage of the prescribed medicine, and in some cases even to stop using them.

Using the device allows to reduce the time of hospital treatment of a wide range of diseases; to improve the effect of rehabilitative treatment; to carry out primary and secondary prevention of diseases.

Clinical studies confirm the absence of complications and side effects, including the cases of long-term observation of the treated patients (1-2 years).





As a result of a long-term research, scientists from many countries (USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, and others) have come to the conclusion that the human body is negatively affected not only by the powerful electromagnetic radiation that comes from power lines, powerful electric and radio equipment, etc., but also by weak radiation produced by electronic devices. Our homes are equipped with a huge number of various electrical appliances, such as TVs, computers, microwave ovens, and, of course, almost all of us are using mobile phones, therefore, we are all exposed to the negative effects of the so-called anthropogenic (manmade) electromagnetic fields (EMF ) emitted by these devices.

As a result of numerous research studies on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, it has been found out that this radiation has the ability to accumulate in the human body in the course of time. This disturbs the bio-energy balance of the body and, above all, the structure of the so-called energy information exchange.  The energy information exchange ensures the proper functioning of information exchange processes between all the organs and systems of the human organism, including also the processes of information exchange between the human organism and the environment (space, flora and fauna).

Various signals are coming from the space to the Earth, some of which are healthy, and others harmful for the human organism. Nature has created a system of protective filters and transmission windows for certain signals. Natural electromagnetic fields play a special role in managing life processes. It is known that a living cell emits electromagnetic waves within millimeter range (10-1 mm) - according to international classification, they are called "waves of extremely high frequency" (30-300 GHz) - EHF-waves. Human cells emit waves within the range of 42-67 GHz. The EHF signal plays the role of information management of living systems, it activates and supports their restoration processes. This has been confirmed by the 50-year history of studying and application of the EHF-therapy in biology and medicine.

In the age of modern technological civilization people have filled the world with electromagnetic smog, so “noise” has begun to “break” into the safe millimeter range of EHF, which used to be the space in which only living cells "communicated" with each other. As a result, the control signal of the EHF radiation, which is necessary for life, is replaced by man-made “noise”.

Distortion of the control signal leads to the loss of the possibility to adjust biological processes. Regulation processes are failing, and the optimal connection between the human organism and the environment is violated.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our lives without airplanes, trains and metro, without TVs and computers, washing machines, mobile phones and many other things. The man-made carriers on EMR ensure our everyday comfort and it is impossible to stop the technical progress. That’s why it is necessary to learn to coexist with the anthropogenic civilization!

It is known that the effect of millimeter waves on living cells results in the restoration of normal functioning of the information management systems of the body. This leads to the recovery of autoregulation at the cellular level, balancing information-wave processes of cells, organs and tissues, that are continuously resonantly interconnected.

Such an internal bioresonance determines the whole information-wave field of a living organism, and the external resonating with the EHF signal is effective during medical treatment as a method of correction of defects of the information control system of a cell. Treatment approaches that use the EHF are mainly aimed at the recovery of health reserves, thus reducing the probability of development of the disease.

This leads to the optimization of the general (non-specific) resistance of the organism to unfavourable factors of the environment. EHF increase adaptive abilities of a person.

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#4608 Bio-Well, L1, 2017

Posted by Kirill Korotkov_4 on 28 December 2016 - 08:32 PM

Dear friends,

biowell.jpg we have received numerous requests from the owners of the Bio-Well  to conduct a basic level workshop, which would teach them to work with the camera and its accessories. In compliance to these requests we have decided to conduct  the next "Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov" workshop in February 2017 in Europe. The host  country and the dates have not been confirmed yet, as they depend on the number of interested participants. 
The course will introduce the main principles of working with the Bio-Well device and the Bio-Well software, as well as basic step-by-step methods of interpretation of the obtained data. On completing the training every participant will obtain a basic level Bio-Well Specialist Certificate.
The course will last for three days. The actual training will be conducted during first two days and will embrace the classical program of GDV workshops. The third day was added to the program in response to the opinion expressed by many participants of previous GDV workshops, who felt that on completing a standard two-day theoretical training they still lacked practice in using the GDVCAMERA. 
That's why we have modified the program and added the third day as a free bonus, so that the participants will have a chance to gain more experience in working with the Bio-Well equipment under the supervision of the lecturer. This will provide them with a unique opportunity to apply the newly gained knowledge in practice, to ensure that they are using the Bio-Well  device in a correct way and to gain self-confidence in working with the GDV technology. Also, during the third day more attention will be paid to working with the Bio-Well accessories (the Sputnik, the Water electrode, the Biocor and the Bioclip).
It is possible to participate either in person or online. The cost of in-person or online participation is 395€. The workshop will be conducted in English.
If you are interested in participation, please contact us: SEMINAR@IUMAB.ORG

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#9 About Forum

Posted by Korotkov on 29 July 2014 - 07:20 PM

KOROTKOVr.jpg KOROTKOV - Art Science and Technologies forum
Main Topics of discussion:
The Biointernet, Consciousness Research, Collective Consciousness Research, Low and Super-low fields and radiations in biology and medicine, Time-Space interaction, etc


See also: News and Information
Science, Magic, Technologies
New Quality of Life, Devices for contemporary life being, Human Development Equipment
Intuitive Information Sight, Teleportation, Materialization, Levitation, etc
IUMAB Bioelectrography Research and Technologies, Kirlian Photography, BIO-WELL GDVCAMERA by Dr.Korotkov
Contemporary Art Technologies
Dear Friends, please registered to see all forum's abilities.

GDVPLANET's National Forums:

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#6606 Human Light System 2017

Posted by Kirill Korotkov_4 on 02 March 2017 - 08:30 PM

HLS IW II, 2017

aktomForfree.jpg biowellforfree.jpg BlagaGoldforfree.jpg


Dear friends, we invite you to the Human Light System International Workshop 2017 (HLS IW), which will take place between 25th and 31rd May 2016 on Prague.




Human Light System 2017

International Workshop Human Light System 2017 24/7 International Workshop online/offline participation May 25-31, 2017, Prague One Week on the Biointernet! Bio-Well or AK TOM or Translighter BLAGA Gold for FREE :)HLS Course 1.0 ($1000) like a present from GDVPLANET!


Program HLS IW

Opening ceremony. Free presentation.

  1. Bio-Well with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
  2. Translighters Technologies with Dr. Sergey Avdeev
  3. GDV Diagnostics with Dr. Dvoryanchikov
  4. Intuitive information Sight with Tatiana Karovina
  5. Digital Structured (Healing) Photography with Oleg Bazhenov
  6. Low & Superlow fields devices with Dr. Dieter Zenke
  7. The Biointernet Marketing with Kirill Korotkov

Sessions by interests

+ Evening Meetings 

+ Lucid Dreaming (at Night)

+ Games of and on

+ The Biointernet Expedition (Prague)

NB! Bio-Well, Basic Level Training 3 Days 25-27 March   


Speakers: Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Sergey Avdeev, Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Dr. Dieter Zenke, Galina Gajova, Tatiana Karovina, Oleg Bazhenov, Kirill Korotkov, Avdeyev Eugene, Sofija Aidukiene


Contact: Maria Shlenskaya
Tel. (420) 720 021 888, Email: seminar@iumab.org, humanlightsystem.org
PM: Kirill@Korotkov.com



The price of participation in the 7-days Human Light System International Workshop is $1599, before 1 April, $1699 before 1 May and $1799 on May.

It is also possible to participate in separate courses for lower prices. For order one workshop, please mail to www@gdvplanet.com. The price for one workshop – $499.

Order HLS IW Now!


We are glad to invite all online participants of the whole Human Light System International Workshop, which took place in Prague in May 2015, to attend our October courses in person for free!!!

The participants, who came to Prague to take part in the whole Human Light System International Workshop in May 2015, are invited to join our October workshop for free.


For order invoice, please contact: Maria Shlenskaya
Tel. (420) 720 021 888
Email: seminar@iumab.org
PM: Kirill@Korotkov.com

Contact Kirill@Korotkov.com


Details here

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Posted by Korotkov on 12 October 2014 - 07:55 PM

Human Light System Online Course 2.0 Forum


Human Light System course
experimental online-offline course

WELCOME TO FREE Human Light System Course WEBINARS!

Starting 11 February 2015
Part One - Theory of Human Light System

Part Two - Practice of Human Light System

Part Three - Training your Human Light System

February-June 2015

Language: English

Translation to other languages – optional (looking for translators)

You will see in this course:
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Sergey AvdeevDr. Krishna Madappa, Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin, Dmitry Orlov, Galina Gajova, Emrik Suichies, Olga Farber, Boris PetrovichTatyana Karovina, Eugenie Avdeev, Kirill Korotkov, Lilya Karipanova, Silvia Miranda and other lecturers

Main Topics:
Physical basis of luminescence formation
Environment Research:
1. History of GDV Eco-Tester and Sputnik antenna.
2. Spheres of application of Sputnik antenna.
3. Human/Space interaction studies based on EPI/GDV technology.
4. "Wise-dom" system - complex approach to the studies of Human/Space interaction.
5. How to make proper experiment with Sputnik. Closer to practice.
EPI/GDV technology:
1. History and spheres of application of EPI/GDV technology.
2. EPI/GDV software: from KTI soft to Bio-Well.
3. Human health: genetics, consciousness and psychophysiology connection to EPI/GDV
4. How to make proper analysis with EPI/GDV devices. Methodology questions.
5. Basic principles of integrative medicine underlying the EPI/GDV method
Kozyrev`s mirror

The physiological factors that may influence the process of visualization

GDV-GRAMM and its characteristics

Studying of a specific model of the GDV equipment and its complete set

General safety principles for operating the BioWell device, Preparation, connection and adjustment of the GDV/Bio-Well equipment, Recommendations for optimum use of the device for your research and wellness application.

GDV BIOWell Software Download & Installation on the computer. The basic functions and options of GDV Image Capture program. Rules of capture of a test object and calibration procedures. Potential problems and ways of their elimination.

Rules of GDV-GRAMM registration of fingers. Purpose and use of reference electrode. The analysis of GDV-GRAMM technical defects.

The protocol of work with a subject. Conditions of individuals’ preparation for GDV/ Bio-Well testing.

Complex of GDV BIOWell programs: Working with the Bio-Well Software Programs online and offline: Energy field, Chakra, Balance, Health Status, Energy Status, Report generation, Stress tests and more.

Practical work Processing, Analysis and interpretation of the received data with GDV BIOWell, ways of preservation of the information or saving data.

The bases of calibration and preparation for environmental assessment using Sputnik. This could continue on to day two.

Science and Spirit of Inner Excellence - Individual to Organization.

Living at the Source - Science of Whole Person WELL BEING.

Vibrational Aromatherapy - From Wisdom Practices to Living Vibrantly.

Bio-Well Certification seminars - Level 1 + 2 + etc

Science of Consciousness

Science of Measuring Energy Fields - Bio-Well

Intuitive Information Sight course

The Biointernet Equipment

Low and Superlow Fields and radiation in biology and medicine

Analysis principles of GDV bioelectrography technique

Theoretical basis of the GDV analysis
• Concepts of traditional Chinese medicine
• Su Jok therapy elements
• Ayurvedic medicine (human chakra system)
• Complementary medicine
• Modern representations about regulating function of vegetative nervous system etc. Practical bases of the GDV analysis
• Types of the GDV images. Dependence of GDV-GRAMM types on age and body condition of the analyzed subjects
• Comparative analysis of the results before and after different treatments
• Evaluation of human energy supply
• L-R symmetry
• Definition of perturbed zones and or vulnerable fields
• Concept of entropy - degree of disorder/ chaos to coherent models
• Evaluation of psycho-emotional intensity and stress level
• Sector analysis.

Characteristics of sector defects. Concepts of energy surplus and energy deficiency
• Transformational Case Studies
Analysis of GDV-GRAMM of subjects with various situations or event horizons.
Features of GDV monitoring of the subject's condition during any intervention plan. Practical work.
We will also be introducing practical work on studies on water and materials.
Healing Hands, introduction
Dynamic Vision Board

Water - main transmitter in Human Light System

Working with GDV BIOWell camera, Translighters, AK TOM and other equipment at the course

Science of Human Design
Four Foundation of Life
Prayers timing for Health, Wealth and Happiness
What is Negative Energy
Agnihotra for cleaning negative energy form home and offices
Cosmology about creation of cosmos
Electricity for health
Sarvatobhadra yantra for protection from negativities
Healing by gemstone
Healing by yantras

Analyses and Integration BPE

Bio Psycho Emotional – energetic state of human
About Human Energetic Field (HEF)

System of chakras and connections physical, emotional, mental, spiritual (energetic integrated body)

Individual and Collective Consciousness (Unified Field)

The water in body > circulation of information >

Integral Balance as restructuring water in body


Connection and patterns bio-mental-emotional-spiritual

Index Parameters:

- Energetic Field (area of light and patterns of distribution)

- Chakras ( alignment and volume of energy; specific configuration of each chakra and general aspect of all the

chakras). Ex. throat chakra moved to the right side; lack of energy in solar plexus {meanings}

- Brain balance (the influence in how to see yourself and the world)

- Potential energy ( potential for create X manifest )

Observation and analysis of human transformation(evolution) using GDV/EPI


Integrated practices for develop and keep energetic alignment and balance

-Patterns for harmonizes HEF (Organizing the energy flow)

(Sacred Geometry, Mer-Ka-Ba, Flower of Life)

1- Breathing + Brain balance exercise (cnesiology)

2- I.B. Energetic Alignment: Mer-Ka-Ba visualization for chakras alignment ( Crystal star on Earth ~ Lotus in heart ~ higher consciousness)

3 – Exercise for save the balance
Program in processing
Benefits for students:
Discounts for Low and Superlow devices, GDV BioWell and Translighters

We plan that the course will cost $1000 - one time payment for the course of 5 months. You can also pay monthly, $300 a month.
Certificate (IUMAB Diploma) will be issued for all students who will be with us all 5 months.
This online course will be supported by offline seminars in different countries.
HUMAN LIGHT SYSTEM course administrator - Olga Farber. Contact mail: admin@humanlightsystem.org

PM Kirill@Korotkov.eu

This post will UPD everyday

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#4964 Bio-Well, L1, 2017

Posted by Martina on 07 February 2017 - 02:57 PM

Hello and welcome to GDVCamera Bio-Well Workshop, finished by certificate 1st level.

The closest workshop will be held in Prague, the 25th-27th March 2017.
Price for this three days workshop will be this time half price, for only 395,-  Euros without catering/lunch.
From 9-12pm and continue from 13-16pm.
Some more info about the course:

The course will introduce the main principles of working with the Bio-Well device and the Bio-Well software, as well as basic step-by-step methods of interpretation of the obtained data. On completing the training every participant will obtain a basic level Bio-Well Specialist Certificate.
The course will last for three days. The actual training will be conducted during first two days and will embrace the classical program of GDV workshops. The third day was added to the program in response to the opinion expressed by many participants of previous GDV workshops, who felt that on completing a standard two-day theoretical training they still lacked practice in using the GDVCAMERA. 
That's why we have modified the program and added the third day as a free bonus, so that the participants will have a chance to gain more experience in working with the Bio-Well equipment under the supervision of the lecturer. This will provide them with a unique opportunity to apply the newly gained knowledge in practice, to ensure that they are using the Bio-Well  device in a correct way and to gain self-confidence in working with the GDV technology. Also, during the third day more attention will be paid to working with the Bio-Well accessories (the Sputnik, the Water electrode, the Biocorand the Bioclip).


It is possible to participate either in person or online. The workshop will be conducted in English

Subscribe here so you get all fresh info

If any questions or requests, please, don't hesitate to contact us at gdvplanet@gmail.com

See you soon! 

Team Korotkov and GDV Planet.




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#4748 The Biointernet Meditation 3/17

Posted by Korotkov on 16 January 2017 - 09:28 AM

This Saturday (21th January 2017) we will continue The Biointernet Meditation Global Experiment with the GDV Sputnik sensor.

From this event, during each Biointernet meditation we will take measurements of energy with the GDV Sputnik sensors synchronously. We will capture the changes of energy parameters simultaneously in different parts of the world during a few hours. One of the goals of this experiment is obtaining the data that proves the possibility of psycho-emotional synchronization of people in different parts of the planet. And we would like to invite all owners of the GDV Sputnik sensors to take part in this experiment. In order to do this, you should just join our meditation by clicking on the link below, turn on your GDV Sputnik sensor in the beginning of the Biointernet meditation and begin to take measurements after the half-hour’s co-tuning group meditation. Take the measurement as long as you can, and after that send your data to our email address gdvplanet@gmail.com or directly to our Bio-Well account “korotkov”. You will find a detailed manual here: Instructions for participants of the Experiment

Also, we will continue to take measurements in the most powerful and interesting parts of the planet and during most important events of this year. Later on we will create the interactive online map of energy distribution on the planet Earth.

If you are an owner of a Bio-Well Sputnik sensor and would like contribute to developing new methods of gaining knowledge of nature and human beings, we invite you to take part in our experiment and offer you a 20% discount for the Human Light System Online Course 2.0! You will find more information about the Human Light System Online Course 2.0 on our website: humanlightsystem.org

Measure the energy of space at the most interesting places of your location during the 2017, before and after taking part in energy practices, during the most interesting and meaningful events of this year. Participate in our online bio internet meditations every Saturday with your own experiments and measurements. And don’t forget to send the descriptions of your measurements (the event, the location and the essence of your experiment) to our email address (gdvplanet@gmail.com).

GDVPLANET has prepared special offers and presents for the most active participants of the experiment!

If you are interested in our experiment, please send a letter to our e-mail address: gdvplanet@gmail.com and we will send you detailed information about participation in this experiment.


But the Biointernet meditation is not just a scientific experiment. First of all, it is a collective art project. So we invite you to share your creative energy, to take part in our artistic experiments and to demonstrate your own artistic projects or even to play music in the mode of online improvisation! While nourishing ourselves with the energy of the group, we can discover new sides of our own talent and plunge into the atmosphere of creativity and bright emotions!


And we will measure the parameters of changes of the space energy with the GDV Sputnik sensor during our creative experiments. 


The Biointernet Meditation -
- Free Energy for You!!
- Art and Science
- Online Experiment
- Global Meditation
- R&D
- Q&A
- GDV Sputnik Measurements
- Translighters Technologies by Dr. Sergey Avdeev
- Gas Discharge Visualisation Technologies by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
- AK TOM Technologies by Dr. Alexandr Kozhemyakin
- Low and Superlow Fields Devices
- Translighters Digital
- Distant Influence Experiment
- Intuitive Information Sight Technologies
and more :)

The Biointernet Meditation
Online Every Saturday
2PM (GMT +1)


Instructions for participants of the Experiment


About The Biointernet Meditation

We look forward to meeting you online every Saturday!

JOIN US BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK: https://zoom.us/j/828241148

Forum: http://korotkov.info/
Free and Easy :)

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#4688 For Enthusiasts

Posted by Korotkov on 11 January 2017 - 05:21 PM

For Enthusiast


For Enthusiast and Volunteers we have a lot icon_smile.gif

Dear Friends, please help:


1. In Localization of our projects. Translation of websites and other texts. Organizing workshops and meetings. Looking for national financing for our projects in your country. ETC


2. Please, leave replays to our Products and Services on the internet. You can do it on Facebook (or other social platforms) or make comment on our websites.


3. Please, link to our websites from your resources. It’s very important for us.
Websites: http://thebiointernet.org/http://www.translighters.com/http://gdvcamera.com/http://www.gdvplanet.com/ and other.
List of some websites here: http://korotkov.info...ternet-network/


4. Be a member of our work group on Facebook: The Biointernet Administrators.

5. Please, help with fund rising. We interested in financing of our projects. Subsidies and grants for our distributors.

6. We have castle in Europe. Soon, we will finish process with documents and will be ready to open doors for friends.

7. Place this Store (or part of this store) on your website, blog, FB, etc. Welcome to The Biointernet Network!


Contact for general questions: mail to Kirill@Korotkov.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/korotkovco

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  • iumab.png
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#4582 Topic for questions to Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov

Posted by Korotkov on 12 December 2016 - 11:58 PM

DAYOU.jpeg  Dear Friends, please post your questions to Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov and we will publish his answers.


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#4560 HLS 2.0

Posted by Korotkov on 12 December 2016 - 10:32 PM

Water – Our Devine Essence


  • Water Devices
  • Contemporary Water Science

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#4558 HLS 2.0

Posted by Korotkov on 12 December 2016 - 10:32 PM

Low and Superlow Fields and Human Health


  • Low and Superlow Fields and Radiation in Biology and Medicine
  • Low and Superlow Devices for Health Care
  • Healing Trainings with Low and Superlow devices
  • Tesla Devices (soon available)

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#4557 HLS 2.0

Posted by Korotkov on 12 December 2016 - 10:32 PM

Intuitive Information Sight Technologies
  • How to See without using eyes – special online training
  • Telepathy
  • Precognition
  • Intuition Development
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • The Biointernet Equipment and Intuitive Information Sight Technologies

How to See without eyes – special online training

What exactly would you like to see without eyes?

Why do you want to see without eyes?

What will you do, once you have received this visual information?

If you have given yourself the answers to these questions, welcome to our trainings!


Biocommunication of living systems

Main elements:

  • the source of the message (the sender)

  • the message (a word, a phrase, an image, an emotion, an feeling, an intention, etc.)

  • the listener (the receiver)


The language issue

Using the thoughts of other people


Psychokinesis (telekinesis) is the ability of a person to influence things (material objects) without a physical contact with them.

The essence of a person’s ability to control their body and to make a sequence of purposeful actions is psychokinetic.

Influence on inanimate objects

Local realism

The issue of the spectator

Formalization of the concept of the spectator  and the physical reality

Intuition Development

Isolated, closed and opened living systems

Interactions between living systems

The time factor

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams are “dreams by request”

Solving psychological, creative, social problems and questions during sleep

Skills of self-control during sleep, as well as control over the surroundings.

How can we understand that this is reality rather than a dream?

The Biointernet Equipment and Intuitive Information Sight Technologies

Telepathy and the Eureka

Lucid Dreaming and the Biointernet mask


Seeing without eyes and the Biointernet mask

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#4555 HLS 2.0

Posted by Korotkov on 12 December 2016 - 10:31 PM

Healing (Structured) Digital Photography by Oleg Bazhenov



The course is designed for those who believe in the magic of the impact of photography. Those who believe that one can change themselves and the world around them with a help of photography, make the world richer, brighter, more interesting and beautiful.

Beauty is a kind of unique and extremely rich information which has many levels of perception and impact on the viewer. This kind of information has is sophisticated structure.

The ability to see, feel, understand this structure, to form it and enrich it with your own feeling and inner energy – this is the key to creation of healing photography.

During the course you will learn a new unique approach to photography. It does not matter what you are holding in your hands – a reflex camera or a mobile phone.


We will learn to enter a special mode of perceiving and forming the reality. We will use unique methods and techniques in our work, such as Translighters technologiesIntuitive Information Sight technologies, etc.  We will learn to form different information structures by means of creating visual images and using them to influence the events of our life, our mood, state and health.

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#4554 HLS 2.0

Posted by Korotkov on 12 December 2016 - 10:31 PM

The Biointernet (Intuitive) Marketing

The Biointernet Marketing – Intuitive Marketing with The Biointernet Technologies


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#4553 HLS 2.0

Posted by Korotkov on 12 December 2016 - 10:30 PM

GDV Technologies by Dr. Korotkov
%D0%A1%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%BA-%D1   Overview of the Bio-Well applications

Rules of GDV-grams registration of fingers; GDV-grams technical defects; protocols with a subject; preparing for GDV/Bio-Well testing; the basis of calibration and practical training; the concept of four pillars of health in Bio-Well analysis; overview of the Bio-Well programs; circadian rhythm of life; making corrections: what we can do to help our patients; different types of Bio-grams; defects on the bio-grams; Bio-gram symptoms in different sectors; monitoring energy reactions; functional Bio-Well tests.

In-depth GDV analysis; environmental scan with the Sputnik; meditation mode; testing water with the Water Electrode; techniques  to obtain the best data; parameters of GDV-grams used for the analysis; statistical analysis with Bio-Well programs; scientific foundations of GDV Bioelectrography.

Advanced training in EPI technique       

II degree 


  1. Main principles of understanding Bio-Well information: 4 Pillars of the Bio-Well.
  2. Two approaches to the processing of GDV-grams of fingers: parametric and sector analysis.
  3. Main parameters of GDV-grams:
    • geometrical parameters;
    • spectral parameters (notion of brightness spectrum and its connection with the wave spectrum);
    • fractal-entropy parameters (notion of fractality and entropy)
    • Brief discussion of all parameters.
  4. Sector analysis according to the finger analysis tables of Mandel-Korotkov.
  5. Discussion of examples – all the workshop is presented with clinical examples of different situations, which allow to understand the principles of the Bio-Well analysis. 
  6. Difference between EPI-grams of healthy and unhealthy people. Statistical data. Evaluation of general state of health from the Energy Reserve diagram.
  7. Dynamic GDV-graphy. One finger program. Time curves. Dispersion of data. Spectral analysis. Main frequencies. Dependence on the speed of GDV recording. Technical restrictions on computer memory.
  8. Right-left correlations, Balance program – presentation of simpatic – parasimpatic balance.
  9. Application of plastic filters for the division of activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system by analogy with taking GDV-grams of fingers in a thin glove. Application of optical filters by the example of research on the EPI-graphy of microbiological cultures. Recording of test-subject with a plastic filter.
  10. Dependence of GDV-grams on the emotional state. Stress-Anxiety index. Physical and mental field.
  11. Stability and reproducibility of GDV-graphy. Stability of GDV-grams of test-subject. Stability of Chakras program. Second recording of EPI-images of healthy and unhealthy people. Reproducibility of data and biological rhythms. Influence of external conditions.
  12. Sputnik measurements and data processing.
  13. GDV therapy – BioCor.
  14. Literature and publications on GDV.
  15. International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB).
  16. Development of GDV technique in different countries of the world.
  17. Perspectives of GDV technique development.
  18. Business development of the BIO-Well.Appendix 
    1. EPI in medicine. Express analysis of functional energy homeostasis of systems and organs. Monitoring of the state of patient and individual reaction to the influence. Fundamental correlates with ECG, EEG, physiological parameters. Investigation of surgical patients in the Medical Academy. Correlation between EPI and classical measurements.
    2. EPI in the Consciousness study. Complex bioelectrographic analysis of the Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) basing on works by P. Bundzen – K. Korotkov. Technique of testing extrasensory capabilities. Results of experiments on meditation and prayers.
    3. EPI in Sport. Methods of testing psychophysiological potential of sportsmen. Correlation of EPI parameters with psychological, physiological, and genetic indicators basing on works by P. Bundzen, K. Korotkov, Drozdovski. Group rating and its peculiarities. Advantages of the EPI application in sport.
    4. Water revolution – new science of water and foundation of homeopathy. EPI parameters of water and materials, their difference from physico-chemical characteristics. “Energetics of poison”. Methods of measurement. EPI Material Testing Kit. Water electrodes. Reproducibility of data, dynamic curves. Dependence of EPI parameters on electro conductivity. Examples of EPI-grams of liquids, measurements errors. Entropy and fractality. Water and its peculiarities. Homeopathy. Blood. EPI-graphy of natural and synthetic oils. EPI-grams of precious stones and food stuffs.

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#4552 HLS 2.0

Posted by Korotkov on 12 December 2016 - 10:30 PM

Topics of the lectures and seminars

Purpose of the Human Light System 
● The role of the HLS in a person’s life, measuring the HLS, the basics of its evolution and development.

● Tools for restoration and harmonization of the HLS (comparing technologies with ideologies).
● Why don’t our wishes come true? 
● Structures of the time of life (the basics of the theory of physical structures)  – a new view of the world order.
● The basics of light interactions (how can one feel Living Light? The Light of Family, the Light of Knowledge, the Light of Love – different manifestations of the Living Light)
● Light development of the Body, Soul and Mind (Spiritualizing the Body and Mind, the Reasonable Soul and Body, Memory of the future and Mental Construction).  

Restoration of Family ties

● Light Support of the Family. 
● Light interactions with the Family in the past, present and future.
● Restoration of the Light connection with our soul.
● A person’s Mission on the Earth and his/her strategic tasks.

●  True wishes and imposed wishes 
● The feeling of the Way and the Guiding Star
● Creating the time of life for realization of True wishes
● Decreasing our biological age

Gaining benefits (“Good things”) and resources
● The field of events and the space of time.
● How to reduce the waste of the time of Life? 
● Svetlitsa Blaga as a compass which leads us through the structure of time of gaining benefits.  
● TECHNIQUES of Thanksgiving and virtual presents.

●Discovering our creative abilities.
● Light techniques of benefits construction. Keys to increasing the flow of benefits.

● Solving tasks with a help of our own Living Light.

● Increasing the level of mutual help and mutual support by means of Light techniques. 

Restoring the structure of the  living light of our body

● Connection of light fields with systems and organs of a human body. Normalization of systems of a human body. 
● Light structure of the DNA. 
● Dimensionality of the human liquid crystal. 
● Increasing the dimensionality of light perception and the structure of the time of life for solving creative tasks.

● Using the simulation approach for tuning to the required structure of the task. 
● Living homes and offices. 

Creation of the Biointernet 
● What can we do with a help of the HLS (informational trace, telepathy, intuitive sight)?

● Human light traces. Light crystals and bionets.  Organizing the network reason. 
● Creation of living organizations with horizontal light connections.

● What has caused the crisis of modern science?
● THE BIOINTERNET and THE NOOSPHERE – gaining new knowledge. Opening Light channels for receiving contact information from the BIOINTERNET.

Cosmos and cosmetics 
●  Restoration of light connections with the Cosmos.

● Harmonization of thoughts and systems of the human organism.

● Reversing the time structure and light rejuvenation of the organism.

● Adjustment of the human light tool to cosmic melodies of the eternity.

● The tools of improving the eyesight. 
● Various modes of intuitive sight (analogue – eyeless  vision –, X-ray – seeing the organs and systems of the organism, noctovision – seeing in the dark, etc.) as methods of using the HLS.

● Gaining information from visualisation of tasks.

●  Construction of the light image of favourable future.

Realization of the potential of the Light of love
●. How can we find creative energy inside ourselves?

● New details related to the Energy and the Light of Love.

● How can a couple harmonize their exchange of light relationships?

● How can we attract a suitable partner using our Light?

● What is the Light of unconditioned Love and how to find it?

● How can one maintain the fire of passion in themselves and their partner?

●  Trust and creativity – the foundation of harmonious relationships.

The foundation of Light relationships in the transfer and receiving the Light of Knowledge
●   Awareness, Enlightenment, Illumination – the stages of Light Education.

●.  The basics of the Light transmission of knowledge and creation of new qualities. 
●  How can we increase the level of our conceptuality and rationality?

● Developing the skills of science fiction and Light creativity.

● How can one become a Star person? Creation of the new Light of Knowledge and solving tasks. 
● How can we learn to understand other people without words?

● Living knowledge and the life of the Knowledge.

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#4551 HLS 2.0

Posted by Kirill Korotkov_4 on 12 December 2016 - 10:27 PM

Human Light System Online Course 2.0


January-May 2017 Second year – 5 months, January-May 2017, 42 Lectures (1 year1)International Workshop + The Biointernet Meditation + The Biointernet Expedition 2-3 days per week, 2 hours online classes


hlscourse2-300x300.jpgHuman Light System online course
experimental online-offline 5 years course

Starting 11 February 2015

Part One – Theory of Human Light System

Part Two – Practice of Human Light System

Part Three – Training your Human Light System 


  Main Topics:

Language: EnglishTranslation to other languages – optional (looking for translators)


tumblr_oef5l2YHHq1vhuznio1_1280.gifYou will see in this course: Dr. Konstantin KorotkovDr. Sergey AvdeevDr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin, Dmitry Orlov, Galina Gajova, Emrik SuichiesBoris PetrovichTatyana Karovina, Eugenie Avdeev, Kirill Korotkov, Silvia Miranda, Oleg Bazhenov, Hesham Sami, Dr. Dieter Zenke, Dmitry Rogov and other lectors

For years we have been conditioned to believe that the flow of energy in the Universe and in a person as a part of the Universe is unexplainable and that only the chosen people can comprehend it. But this knowledge does not require any special professional skills, that’s why YOU can also become a chosen one. The Human Light System Online Course 2.0 is the second of the five levels of training. During these six months the teachers, who are pioneers and guru in their fields, will unveil secrets that have never been known before. They will share firsthand undistorted knowledge with you and will give you an opportunity to learn unique skills in the following fields:Human light system and bioelectrography   |   Human biofields and Bioelectromagnetics   |   Natural foods   |   Healing photography   |   Korotkov GDVCAMERA Bio-Well   |   Energy medicine   |   Emotional wellness   |   Global understanding of consciousness   |   Translighters technologies   |   Low and superlow fields   | Sound healing   |   Energy psychology   |   Intuitive Information Sight

  Details herehttp://www.humanligh...-course-2-year/
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#3570 Light on Consciousness - seminar, 27 and 28 of March, Europe

Posted by Korotkov on 16 January 2015 - 08:20 AM

background.jpg “Light on Consciousness”
The seminar “Light on Consciousness” will be on 27 and 28 of March.

On 27th there will be four or five speakers: Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Marcus Smieke from Timewaver, Dirk Zoutewelle about neurotransmitters and Smart DNA, and we have a Dutch Medical Dr. in biophysical Medicine Herman Koning and a “mystery speaker”.
The Lectures and workshops during the two days are all related to the theme “light on concsciousness”.

The key speakers and workshop leaders will shed a light on this theme from their specific specialist view. We are proud to have four top specialists in their field of Consciousness and the Human light system on our event in Sneek. Professor Konstantin Korotkov well known of the GDV camera, Dr. Marcus Smieke, visioner and builder of the Timewaver, Dirk Zoutewelle from his Psycho Neuro Immunology expertise and Dr. Herman Koning from the Biophysical Medicine. The last two key speakers are performing their part in the Dutch language (the translation to English will be provided).
Contact person Emrik Suichies
Phone 0031621234876
Mail : info@newhealthcentre.com, e.suichies@newhealthcentre.com
Location New Health Event: Hotel vd Valk, Burgemeester Rasterhofflaan 1, 8606 KZ Sneek, Netherlands.

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#27 Human Light System

Posted by Korotkov on 30 July 2014 - 12:47 AM

Welcome to HUMAN LIGHT SYSTEM course! Since FEBRUARY 2015


Human Light System Online Course Forum



Light emissions and relationship to human body, the concept of light emission from human beings
Taittiriya Upanishads
India, 1000 - 650 BC

Lightning is a phenomenon from the beginning. St Elmo's fire was known before it was given that name. Electric or static discharge and sparks caused by percussion of stones and metal have been used in magic and religion throughout time as well as by man to cause sparks for making fire.

Human Light Systeminformation transfer using electromagnetic waves – Light
IUMAB Research project

Major Biological system:
Circulatory system: pumping and channeling blood to and from the body and lungs with heart, blood, and blood vessels.
Digestive System: digestion and processing food with salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestines, rectum, and anus.
Endocannabinoid system: neuromodulatory lipids and receptors involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, motor learning, synaptic plasticity, and memory.
Endocrine system: communication within the body using hormones made by endocrine glands such as the hypothalamus, pituitary or pituitary gland, pineal body or pineal gland, thyroid, parathyroids, and adrenals or adrenal glands
Integumentary system: skin, hair and nails
Immune system: the system that fights off disease; composed of leukocytes, tonsils, adenoids, thymus, and spleen.
Lymphatic system: structures involved in the transfer of lymph between tissues and the blood stream, the lymph and the nodes and vessels that transport it.
Musculoskeletal system: muscles provide movement and a skeleton provides structural support and protection with bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.
Nervous system: collecting, transferring and processing information with brain, spinal cord and nerves
Reproductive system: the sex organs; in the female; ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, mammary glands, and in the male; testicles, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate, and penis.
Respiratory system: the organs used for breathing, the pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs, and diaphragm.
Urinary system: kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra involved in fluid balance, electrolyte balance and excretion of urine.
Vestibular system: contributes to our balance and our sense of spatial orientation.
Human Light System: information transfer using electromagnetic waves – Light.
Human Light System Experiments:
Healers experiment, Mantra experiment, Tai Chi experiment, Meditation experiment, Group working experiment, Intuitive Information Sight experiment, Education experiment, Dance experiment, Animals experiment, Painting experiment
Materials and Technologies:
GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov, Digital CCD camera C8484-16C (HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS K.K.), TimeWaver Med, “GDV Eco-Tester” instrument and “GDVSputnik” sensor, Translighters
Measurement of air temperature, atmospheric pressure, Radioactivity of the environment, humidity, etc

The “GDV CAMERA” enables to carry out observation, registration and computer processing of a subject’s energy field.

UV Digital CCD Camera

The C8484-16C is a new UV CCD digital camera using an advanced 1/2 inch progressive scan interline CCD chip with high sensitivity in the UV region while offering substantially better noise characteristics at high frame rates. The C8484-16C 1/2 inch format 1344 x 1024 resolution CCD with small (4.65 um) pixels provides extremely high resolution. A CameraLink digital output ensures compatibility with a large number of commercially available frame grabber boards. Standard C-mount lens coupling makes it easy to connect to optical microscopes and lenses. Fast electronic shuttering, fast readout and low noise integration all combine to make this camera a great choice for both high and low level UV imaging applications.
・  Analog  contrast  enhancement
・  Low  readout  noise  design  (14  electrons  typ.)
・  12  bit  digitizer
・  High  sensitivity  in  UV  region  (Typically  20  to  25%  at  250nm)
・  Progressive  scan  interline  readout  with  no  mechanical  shutter
・  Anti-Blooming  function  with  vertical  overflow  drain  structure
・  Extremely  high  resolution  with  1344  ×  1024  pixels/small  pixel  size  (4.65  um)

TimeWaver Med

finding and dissolving Causes in the Information Field
TimeWaver Med analyses the deeper causes of diseases in the information field and dissolves them from the root in the information field. The organ-coherence-module evaluates the connections of all organ fields and balances them again through a cause-oriented balancing.
TimeWaver Med owns a multilingual database with more than 600 categories and more than 1,000,000 entries and oscillation patterns.
Where Body and Mind meet
The information field analysis and the recovery of the balance (balancing) refer to ten levels of the human being, among other things the body, the oscillation or frequency level, the electricity and energy of the body on a physical level and the pure information level.
The levels extend to the psychological and the consciousness level as possible causes of diseases. TimeWaver Med further finds the equivalents of illnesses in the information field which relate to viruses, bacteria or toxins
Healer’s Experiments:

 he3.jpg?resize=300%2C199 he2.jpg?resize=300%2C199 he22.jpg?resize=300%2C199he.jpg?resize=300%2C225
Report of the experimental results of the educational sessions of the International Academy for Scientific Mental Healing (Drossinakis IAWG) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
In the process of educational session of the International Academy for Scientific Mental Healing (Drossinakis IAWG) the following experiments was performed under the direction of Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov:
1. Measuring Energy Fields of participants initially and in the process of experiments with EPI/GDV CAMERA.
2. Measuring Energy of the Environment with “GDV Eco-Tester” instrument and “GDVSputnik” sensor.
3. Measuring radioactivity of the environment.
4. Measuring UV emission of people during healing sessions.
5. Measuring Energy Fields of patients initially and after healing sessions with EPI/GDV instrument.
All members of Drossinakis’ group participated in the sessions.
Patients were volunteers – citizens of St. Petersburg, all women, age from 4 to 66 years old.
1. Energy Fields of participants.
For all participants we may confirm increase of the Energy Field parameters in the process of experimental sessions. This we may see both on individual data and on statistical processing.
This may tell us of the positive effect of the healing sessions on the participants. (Positive effect – increase of the Energy Field and decrease of Entropy).
2. Energy Fields of patients.
We may see different situation for different patients:
Decrease of parameters for patients 1, 2 and 4;
Increase of parameters for patients 3, 5, and 6.
For patient 7 decrease in the first sessions and increase in the second.
This correlates with our previous observations that stabilization of Energy
Field after healing session may take several hours and all sessions should be done in several days.
3. Radioactivity of the environment.
During all sessions strong variations of the radioactivity parameter was detected. It changed from 0.06 mcZ to 0.18 mcZ with background level at 0.09 mcZ. This confirms our previous observations that energy activity may change the structure of the space [Korotkov K. Science Confirms Reconnective Healing, 2011].
4. Energy of the Environment with “Eco-Tester” instrument and “Sputnik” sensor. “Sputnik” sensor was operating during all the session in the automatic mode. Data was saved to the memory card and later processed in the “GDV Scientific Laboratory” program. For the convenience data is presented hour-by-hour. Strait lines represent 25% and 75% percentiles. As we see from the graphs, all significant moments of the sessions were reflected by the variation of the parameters. This confirms our previous observations that energy activity may change the structure of the space [Korotkov K. Science Confirms Reconnective Healing, 2011].
5. UV emission of people during healing sessions.
High Performance UV Digital Camera C8484-16C from Hamamatsu Co and UV Light source was used in this experiment. For the first time strong transformation of UV light parameters in the process of healing was detected. As a rule, initially it was detected for the hands of a healer, later in some cases it propagated to the body of a healer, and in one case – to the body of a healee. Simultaneously colorization of the whole image was
Without UV Light source bright moving dots were detected in some cases as well.
These data confirm idea that in the process of healing hands and body of a healer emanates strong radiation, which may be detected in different ranges of frequencies. Experimental data of this kind were received for the first time in the research practice.
1. In the process of educational session of the International Academy
for Scientific Mental Healing (Drossinakis IAWG) a set of experiments was performed under the direction of Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov with several instrumental methods.
2. All results confirm strong detectable effects of the healing sessions
performed by Christos Drossinakis and his students.
3. Several measurements confirm our previous observations that
energy activity may change the structure of the space in the
environment [Korotkov K. Science Confirms Reconnective Healing,
4. Presented approach may be utilized for testing abilities of students of the International Academy for Scientific Mental Healing (Drossinakis IAWG) for practical energy activity.
5. Presented results create the basis for extended experiments with
collecting statistically significant data.

Working group:

Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, (Russia)

Sergey Avdeev, PhD, (Lietuva)

Dmitry Orlov (Russia)

Evgeny Avdeev (Russia)

Konstantin Pavlidis (UK)

Christos Drossinakis (Germany)

Kirill Korotkov (Germany)

Oleg Bazhenov (Russia)

Alexander von Hagemeister (Russia)

Lara Weigmann (Germany)

Mark Komissarov (USA)

Nikita Stepanov (Russia)
Galina Gajova (Lietuva)
Miroslav Maduda (Slovakia)
Lubica Pelakhova (Austria)
Lydia Proschinger (Germany)
Tatiana Karovina (Czech Republic)
Krishna Madappa (USA)
Olga Farber (Israel)
Project manager: Kirill Korotkov
Contact: Kirill@Korotkov.eu, GDVPLANET@gmail.com
Subcribe for HLS project news on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iumab

Welcome to Human Light System project!
This is Research project, established by IUMAB at 2012.
About the project: Human Light System
About experimental online-offline course:
Human Light System Course
Human Light System Forum

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