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KOROTKOV SUBSCRIBER 2/17: Welcome to the Biointernet Meditation

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Posted 13 January 2017 - 06:44 PM





The Biointernet Online Global Maditation #2/17


Dear Friends! We invite you to the online global Biointernet Meditation in action #2/17! We will continue our global experiment with the unique device - GDV Sputnik Sensor.


Online Every Saturday 2PM (GMT +1)







We will take measurements in the most powerful and interesting parts of the planet and most important events of this year.


Later we will carry out the detailed analysis of the received data under the supervision of leading experts in this field, which will enable us to create a general picture of energy activity in different parts of the planet during the year 2017 and we will create the interactive online map of energy distribution on planet Earth.


All the details will be announced during the Biointernet Meditation #2/17.



About The Biointernet Meditation





Dr. Konstantin Korotkov


"The Energy of Space"


In the early stages of development of human society people began to search for those special places, began to create in these places special facilities, more and more complicated as the development of civilization went on. Stone circles and spirals, vertically standing blocks - mengirs, burial places of complex arrangements, temples, pyramids. In each case for such a facility people looked for Places of Power. 


Now we call these places sacred. The most beautiful places were always chosen for them: the top of a hill, the bank of a river, a cave, a sacred grove, lush vegetation. People usually call such places “God‘s places”, “sacred”, “gracious”. In such places in former times sanctuaries, temples, churches and monasteries were built. It is important that these places since ancient times have been considered sacred, healing, people came there to feel the grace, gain strength, to recover from heavy fights and work. When people visit such places they feel euphoria, inspiration, excitement, enthusiasm; they want to return there again.






But along with the “blessed” places there are the “wretched” ones. 

They, too, are told about in legends, but these legends are scary and bleak.


In these places there live only witches, sorcerers and cannibals. As soon as one gets there, death is inevitable, there are few who managed to get out alive and unharmed. And even if they get out they will get sick, will wither and grow old prematurely. This may be accompanied by loss of memory, or a hundred years’ sleep that seems like one night. In short, it is better not to go there and keep away.






Natural geopathic zones are geophysical anomalies associated usual with breaking of the Earth’s crust, underground cavities, old burials, etc., where there is an impact on people, Flora and fauna. 


These phenomena are particularly common in the cities. Cosmo-physical situation also has its effects: distribution of airflows, clouds, background radiation. Since very few people have been purposefully engaged in research of anomalous zones, there are no unambiguous representations of their origin and properties. However, scientists have begun to seriously address this issue.


Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

"The Energy of Space"
The Biointernet Global Meditation
Online Every Saturday 2PM (GMT +1)
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Forum: http://korotkov.info/

Welcome! Free and Easy :)

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