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KOROTKOV SUBSCRIBER 3/17: π and a handbag

Pi handbag GDV Sputnik evolution Mathematics designer

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     In ancient times, when the amount of information was yet rather limited, one outstanding scholar, such as Euclid or Aristotle, could possess almost all knowledge of his civilisation. However, since then the world has changed a lot. In the course of time the humanity accumulated such a massive amount of knowledge, that it was necessary to divide science into narrow specializations. 

     This led to the division in the roles of academic people, so that some of them, the scientists, devoted themselves to practical science, while others, the teachers, were engaged into creation and transmission of theoretical scientific knowledge. A circumstance of this evolution is the fact that in many cases knowledge is purely theoretical and seems to lack connection with real life.
     Mathematics is especially famous for its abstractiveness and detachment from real life, which often becomes a reason for jokes, in spite of all respect inspired in people by the queen of the sciences.
     But there are situations when this opinion proves to be a prejudice. This was so in our case, when our mobile laboratory visited a sewing workshop of creative designers in order to take energy measurements with the GDV Sputnik sensor.



About  GDV Sputnik Sensor 



     The girls who attended this workshop were learning to create beautiful things from luxurious fabrics. They were inspired by works of world-famous designers. 

     When we came, the young seamstresses had just started to learn a new topic: how to create elegant handbags with a round bottom. Our GDV team was surprised to see that during cutting out the fabrics the girls were using the number π.





     The thing is that every steamstress chose the size of her handbag herself, which means that she also had to create her own molds. And in order to cut out each detail correctly it was necessary to know the circumference of the bottom of the bag. In order to find the circumference, the girls applied a mathematical formula with the number π instead of just measuring it with a tape measure. 

    To tell the truth, we had not expected that such young girls are so skilled in sewing. But we were even more impressed by their ability to apply mathematical knowledge in real life.   :)
All people can be divided into three groups: those who can count and those who can’t.





The following events will take place 
in the next seven days:

21.1.2017   Biointernet meditation #3/17


Online Every Saturday 2PM (GMT +1)





25.1.2017    The beginning of the HLS 2.0 online course


We offer special prices for the participants of the HLS 1.0 who would like to take part in the HLS 2.0.




Main Topics of the HLS 2.0

Gas Discharge Visualisation Technologies by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
GDV Bioelectrography
GDV Diagnostics
The Energy of Space
Translighters Technologies by Dr. Sergey Avdeev
Intuitive Information Sight Technologies
The Biointernet (Intuitive) Marketing
Low and Superlow Fields and Human Health
Healing (Structured) Digital Photography
The Biointernet Technologies
The Biointernet Expeditions 
The Biointernet Global Meditation 
Magic Stone Shungite
and many many more…


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