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The Biointernet Meditation #4/17. The Energy of creative activity

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Posted 27 January 2017 - 04:59 PM




The Biointernet Online Global Meditation #4/17


Dear Friends! We invite you to the online global Biointernet Meditation in action #4/17! This Saturday 28 January we will continue our global experiment with the unique device - GDV Sputnik Sensor.


During each Biointernet meditation we will take measurements of energy with the GDV Sputnik sensors synchronously. We will capture the changes of energy parameters simultaneously in different parts of the world during a few hours. One of the goals of this experiment is obtaining the data that proves the possibility of psycho-emotional synchronization of people in different parts of the planet. 

And we have the first results of measurements taken during our last Biointernet meditation. We have already made a post illustrating the results of synchronous measurements.
During the experiment we managed to identify visible correlation between the participants of the experiment in a few parameters. The similarities in the changes of the graphs were especially obvious during the half-hour’s meditation.



It is also possible to make preliminary conclusions about the influence of creative activity of a person on the parameters of space energy. This is very visible from the results of the creative experiment “Spiral of Time” of Tatiana from Prague and the experiment on the adjusted assemblage point with ametist wand of Keith from South Africa.
Their creative activity during the experiment is reflected quite obviously on the deviation S parameter. It is rather high in comparison, for example, with the results from Germany and Israel, where the activity of the device was much lower.
And, for example, during the half-hour’s meditation this index, on the contrary, decreases, which enables us to make a conclusion about harmonization of space energy during a group meditation.  


We would like to invite all owners of the GDV Sputnik sensors to take part in this experiment. 

In order to do this, you should just join our meditation, turn on your GDV Sputnik sensor in the beginning of the Biointernet meditation and begin to take measurements after the half-hour’s co-tuning group meditation. Take the measurement as long as you can, and after that send your data to our email address gdvplanet@gmail.com or directly to our Bio-Well account “korotkov”. Instructions by this link.


Online Every Saturday 2PM (GMT +1)
JOIN US BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK: https://zoom.us/j/828241148



Dr. Konstantin Korotkov


"The Energy of Space"


Peru, The Wonderland. Shamanic Ceremony.





I placed the device, computer and sensors directly before the shamans, and switched on an automatic mode. From time to time I glanced at the computer screen to make sure that everything went smoothly.

The ceremony was long. The shaman distributed coca leaves among all people, and then collected them back; for a long time they sang to the accompaniment of the flute. An hour later the Russian participants had an original idea to go out for a smoke and tea. We always had these with us. We sat on the terrace, watching the swift  rapids of the river captured from the dark by the light from our room, listening to some exotic sounds from a small grove in the neighborhood. It was another world, another hemisphere of the Earth, and it was obvious that with all similarity the life here had its own laws and rules.
Half an hour later we came back. The ceremony went on. I checked the computer and discovered that it froze. I had to restart and continue recording, opening a new file. When I looked at the screen I could not believe my eyes. On the screen there was a glow image around the metal cylinder that served as a sensor. We had captured such pictures for over 10 years, and they were always a perfect circle of glow around the cylinder. Depending on external conditions the circle could become bigger or smaller, brighter or darker; on measuring its parameters the procedure of the experimental method was built.
That time instead of a perfect circle on the screen there was a double ring (Fig.23). It was not an artifact: capturing was repeated every 10 seconds, and each time the same double ring appeared. As the guides explained, it was just the culmination of the ceremony when the shamans appealed to powerful spirits. The ceremony continued for 40 minutes more, and in the end all the participants stood in a circle holding hands and the shamans fumigated them with smoke from the coca leaves. After that everybody, in turn, took hold in each other’s arms and confessed to each other in mutual affection.

As we were approaching the end of the ceremony, the double rings became less pronounced and gradually returned to their almost original state. All information was stored in computer, which then made it possible to analyze these results.





So far, we have no hypothesis about physical processes related to the phenomenon. The ceremony was held outdoors, the temperature was about 20°C; a light breeze was blowing. So it made no sense to speak about the influence of some gases formed as a result of burning leaves or breathing of 20 people. Besides, in the first half of the ceremony the shamans burned leaves but it had no influence on the obtained data.

Such images around human fingers are periodically observed during measurements. They relate to the two main factors: using drugs or coming into an altered state of consciousness (ASC). But how could a metal cylinder pass into an altered state of consciousness?
Complete nonsense! However the phenomenon existed for a long time, it was recorded in the computer memory, and it was clearly associated with the activity of the shamans. At the moment we can not add anything to that, but the recorded phenomenon suggests the need for further research in this direction.
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
"The Energy of Space"
The Biointernet Global Meditation
Online Every Saturday 2PM (GMT +1)
Join us by clicking on this link: https://zoom.us/j/828241148


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