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A short lecture on practical use of products

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#1 Tatiana Karovina

Tatiana Karovina

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Posted 01 February 2017 - 11:47 AM

Ak-Tom Air Training - practical lecture

Practical lecture about 30 minutes for everyone who is interested in this technology.



AK TOM by Dr. Kozhemyakin

The concept of EHF-radiation for treatment combines the construction of Oriental Medicine and modern quantum mechanical models that have been adopted around the world, in particular, constitute the theoretical basis Homotoxicology and contemporary German school of 

homeopathy. Oriental medicine considers the human body as a combination of physical and energetic start, which corresponds to the basic postulate of quantum mechanics on the dualism of matter.
Scientists have established long ago that the material carrier of information in the physical world is electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum is a kind of language in which the transmission and reception of information between the physical systems, including living organisms exists.

Ak Tom® is an inter cellular, biofeedback communications device that has recently been introduced to the United States from Russia.

Short-wave therapy device AK TOM reproduces the signals of healthy cells and makes the cells to revert from sick to proper work, tuned in with the external radiation. Low intensity (informational) effect provides strong physiological effect without heating the tissue or structural changes with minimal necessary energy.



"Ak Tom AIR" is an EHF device which has only one mode: "Background Resonance Radiation mode" whose active time is 1 minute. This mode is similar to the second mode of the regular Ak Tom and Ak Tom Mini devices.

Background Resonance Radiation mode functions the following way. 1) The device captures electromagnetic waves of a biological object (human body). 2) The device repeats the radiation of the body.  This enables us to suppress weak pathological cells and to maintain normal functioning of healthy cells of our organism.

The device was designed for protection of people from the negative influence of electromagnetic fields. Most people know that these fields are everywhere, but few of us know how to protect ourselves from their harmful impact.

How to use the device

To use the AK TOM® “AIR” place the bracelet at the inner side of your wrist and switch it on by pressing the frontside button (there will be a green blinking light signal). After completing the session (1 minute) the device switches off automatically. To realize the full resonance effect, leave the bracelet on the wrist (minimum 45 minutes). The bracelet is switched on automatically, if there is a high level of electromagnetic activity in the environment.

Within one minute the frequencies affect the blood flow through the radial artery (it is on your wrist at the place where you can hear the pulse, and acupuncture points are located there), then they switch off while continuing to purify the blood in the Background Resonance Radiation mode. This influence eliminates clots of blood that are formed under the influence of electromagnetic radiation,  prevents spasms of vessels, improves the flow of oxygen into the blood and intensifies the removal of toxic substances from the blood.






The Ak Tom Air is a medical device designed for everyday use.  It helps to fight  the negative influence of electromagnetic fields, produced by such electromagnetic aggressors as:

  • power lines

  • electric  wiring inside buildings

  • domestic electric appliances

  • personal computers

  • television and radio transmitting stations

  • satellite and cellular communications (devices, repeaters)

  • radar installations

  • metro, trolley buses

  • elevators

  • electric locks

  • traffic lights

  • electronics in cars, etc.

The Background Resonance Radiation method is effective for treating a wide range of diseases. It can be applied for:

  • complex therapy of diseases of the nervous system;

  • complex therapy of diseases of the cardiovascular system;

  • relieving pain of any kind and location;

  • facilitating non-specific immunity;

  • reducing fatigue;

  • supporting your body against stress and physiological disbalance;  

  • improving sleep and, very importantly, sleep efficiency;

  • helping the organism to adapt to the surrounding world, to the modern anthropogenic civilization, reduces the possibility of its negative impact.


• unspecified diagnosis;

• individual intolerance of this kind of therapy;


• pacemaker and other implanted devices with autonomous power supply (in this case a consultation of a doctor is necessary).

Small size makes it possible to wear the device on your wrist all the time and use it anytime when you feel pain or discomfort - at home, at work, while doing sports, during travelling, etc.

The device does not protect its users from negative influences, but it helps the organism to fight negative consequences of these influences.  



Ak Tom Air is compatible with other kinds of treatment and can facilitate them. The use of the device improves the efficiency of taking medicine and at the same time enables to reduce the dosage of the prescribed medicine, and in some cases even to stop using them.

Using the device allows to reduce the time of hospital treatment of a wide range of diseases; to improve the effect of rehabilitative treatment; to carry out primary and secondary prevention of diseases.

Clinical studies confirm the absence of complications and side effects, including the cases of long-term observation of the treated patients (1-2 years).





As a result of a long-term research, scientists from many countries (USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, and others) have come to the conclusion that the human body is negatively affected not only by the powerful electromagnetic radiation that comes from power lines, powerful electric and radio equipment, etc., but also by weak radiation produced by electronic devices. Our homes are equipped with a huge number of various electrical appliances, such as TVs, computers, microwave ovens, and, of course, almost all of us are using mobile phones, therefore, we are all exposed to the negative effects of the so-called anthropogenic (manmade) electromagnetic fields (EMF ) emitted by these devices.

As a result of numerous research studies on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, it has been found out that this radiation has the ability to accumulate in the human body in the course of time. This disturbs the bio-energy balance of the body and, above all, the structure of the so-called energy information exchange.  The energy information exchange ensures the proper functioning of information exchange processes between all the organs and systems of the human organism, including also the processes of information exchange between the human organism and the environment (space, flora and fauna).

Various signals are coming from the space to the Earth, some of which are healthy, and others harmful for the human organism. Nature has created a system of protective filters and transmission windows for certain signals. Natural electromagnetic fields play a special role in managing life processes. It is known that a living cell emits electromagnetic waves within millimeter range (10-1 mm) - according to international classification, they are called "waves of extremely high frequency" (30-300 GHz) - EHF-waves. Human cells emit waves within the range of 42-67 GHz. The EHF signal plays the role of information management of living systems, it activates and supports their restoration processes. This has been confirmed by the 50-year history of studying and application of the EHF-therapy in biology and medicine.

In the age of modern technological civilization people have filled the world with electromagnetic smog, so “noise” has begun to “break” into the safe millimeter range of EHF, which used to be the space in which only living cells "communicated" with each other. As a result, the control signal of the EHF radiation, which is necessary for life, is replaced by man-made “noise”.

Distortion of the control signal leads to the loss of the possibility to adjust biological processes. Regulation processes are failing, and the optimal connection between the human organism and the environment is violated.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our lives without airplanes, trains and metro, without TVs and computers, washing machines, mobile phones and many other things. The man-made carriers on EMR ensure our everyday comfort and it is impossible to stop the technical progress. That’s why it is necessary to learn to coexist with the anthropogenic civilization!

It is known that the effect of millimeter waves on living cells results in the restoration of normal functioning of the information management systems of the body. This leads to the recovery of autoregulation at the cellular level, balancing information-wave processes of cells, organs and tissues, that are continuously resonantly interconnected.

Such an internal bioresonance determines the whole information-wave field of a living organism, and the external resonating with the EHF signal is effective during medical treatment as a method of correction of defects of the information control system of a cell. Treatment approaches that use the EHF are mainly aimed at the recovery of health reserves, thus reducing the probability of development of the disease.

This leads to the optimization of the general (non-specific) resistance of the organism to unfavourable factors of the environment. EHF increase adaptive abilities of a person.

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#2 Martina


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Posted 09 February 2017 - 12:22 PM

Bio-Well Water Electrode Training - practical lecture






Bio-Well Water electrode has the same physical principle as Sputnik sensor. But it is made for comparative assessment of water state.


If you put the water sensor in the bottle with water then you can measure the effect of non-chemical impacts on water: human intention effect, magnetic field, or other non-chemical influences.


 To test water with Bio-Well you need to do as follows:


1. Insert the Calibration Unit (titanium cylinder) into the Bio-Well thumb-hole and place Bio-Well on the plastic stand used for calibration. 

2. Connect the Water Electrode cable to the Calibration Unit (similar to Sputnik). 

3. Insert the Water Electrode into a water tube. 

4. Within the Bio-Well software, choose Environment mode to take dynamic measurements (similar to Sputnik). 





The resulting dynamic curve characterizes the process of interaction of the water being tested within the environment, and its possible responses to external stimuli (electromagnetic fields, different devices and human intention), as well as water transformation under the effect of various treatments.  
 The Bio-Well Water Electrode is not designed for evaluating water quality or comparing different types of water from a quality standpoint.  

Example: Response of water to high frequency electromagnetic fields (generator is turned on and off).




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#3 Tatiana Karovina

Tatiana Karovina

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 05:17 PM

The water electrode allows us to measure the energy of liquids and the dynamics of this energy. It enables us to capture the non-chemical influence on the liquid from different devices (devices that activate water,  electromagnetic fields, etc.) and human intention (meditation, blessing, cursing, etc.).

Note! The Water sensor is designed for comparative studies of liquids with the same chemical composition.

Take some particular liquid, measure its energy for a few minutes. And afterwards apply  some non-chemical influence to it and see if the energy changes.   


To conduct a measurement with the water electrode, you will use the following items:


- Bio-Well Device

- USB Cable

- Water Sensor

- Titanium Cylinder

- Bio-Well Software


How the Water electrode works?


1. Insert the titanium cylinder holder into Bio-Well window.


2. Connect the water sensor to the titanium cylinder holder.


3. Choose the Environment mode in the Bio-Well software. Press on the “Start” button. The position of the titanium cylinder will be tested. If the position is correct, the image should look like a ring which is white inside. In case it is distorted, fix the position of the cylinder.

It will takes a couple of minutes before the line of the graph stabilizes at some level and the actual measurement starts.


4. When water dynamics becomes stable, you may check the influence to water from different devices and human intention.


Every 5 seconds the Sensor measures time-line of several parameters and their Standard Deviation. To evaluate these changes you need to process data. After recording is finished press “Statistics” button and put benchmarks for the significant moments of the session (beginning of presentation, breaks, beginning and end of meditation, etc). The program evaluates statistical difference between intervals. The data are presented as an Energy of light in Joules.

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#4 Martina


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Posted 21 February 2017 - 05:39 PM

Translighter Lad with Dr. Avdeev
Translighter Lad - Testing the impact on technology. In the course of scientific research it was found out that while using electrical devices with the Translighter LAD the deviation of the devices significantly decreases.

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#5 Tatiana Karovina

Tatiana Karovina

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 06:09 PM

The reflection of positive and negative emotions on Bio-Well scans



#6 Tatiana Karovina

Tatiana Karovina

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Posted 13 April 2017 - 07:02 PM

During our short lecture we introduce the main principles of practical use of the Ak Tom device based on the Extremely High Frequencies. We also answer the questions of the viewers. If you have any questions, contact us: gdvplanet@gmail.com


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#7 Tatiana Karovina

Tatiana Karovina

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 04:39 AM

Practictal Lecture on Shungite


Practical lecture about 30 minutes for everyone who is interested in this technology.

Shungit is unique.
The properties of the Shungites are amazing.
This stone is a calming stone, it absorbs negative influences.
The study of the properties of this unique stone has just begun. Shungite is a medicine of 21st century
www.gdvplanet.com   gdvplanet@gmail.com

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#8 Tatiana Karovina

Tatiana Karovina

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Posted 26 April 2017 - 01:29 PM

Practical Lecure - Translighters ''Econorm'' 


The TRANSLIGHTER ECONORM is a device for cleaning the space of an automobile from “information distortions” connected with different types of pathogenic influences of the environment.



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