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Korotkov Subscriber 8.2.17: Your small infinity

infinity Tibetan Ouroboros Möbius strip

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Your small infinity 


     The Möbius strip (Möbius band) is an elementary surface with an edge, which is one-sided in the usual three-dimensional Euclidean space. 

     It is possible to get from one point of this surface to any other one without crossing the edge.

     The Möbius strip was discovered independently by mathematicians August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing in 1858.




​     The Möbius strip is sometimes called the progenitor of the infinity symbol, because if you find yourself on the surface of the Möbius strip, you can walk on it forever. This is not true, as the symbol ∞ was used to indicate infinity for two centuries before the the Möbius strip was discovered.


∞ This sign in the form which is known now was inscribed by the mathematician John Wallis in 1655.


     We cannot help noticing the similarity between the infinity symbol and the Tibetan Ouroboros. It is depicted as a snake or dragon, trying to swallow up itself. Ouroboros has become a symbol of the beginning and the end, of their connection in natural cycles.

     In ancient India a similar symbol represented perfection, dualism and the union between a man and a woman.
In our time, the infinity symbol has become a usual mathematical sign indicating the infinity of numbers, time or space.

​You can easily create a little infinity - a model of the Möbius strip - yourself. In order to do this:
1. Take an elongate rectangular strip of paper.
2. Fold the sheet in the way illustrated on the image.
3. The strip will not fall apart if you cut it at its middle line. If you continue to cut two or more twisted sheets, you will get even more wonderful figures.
V.M. Bechterev (1857 - 1927)  
Immortality of the Human Personality
as a Scientific Problem
A few quotations from the book

"When a person dies, the body decays and ceases to exist - it's a fact.
But the question arises, what happens to the individual consciousness of the person, or rather, to their mental activity?" ...

​"Thus, energetism gives us an opportunity not only to examine the neuro-psychic activity of the person in its highest manifestations from the strictly objective, like absolutely all natural phenomena, point of view, but also to apply the law of conservation of energy to the phenomena of neuro-psychic activity."




"This law in regard to a given object can be expressed in the following way: no single action, no single step, no single thought, expressed by words, or even by a mere glance, gesture or movement of one's face, can vanish without trace. And that is so because every action, every word or even a particular gesture or mimic movement is inevitably accompanied for the person themselves with certain organic impressions, which in turn should reflect in their personality, transformed into new forms of activity in the following period of time. "


"Hence, we have a reason to say that the "spiritual" individuality of the person, having a self-sufficient value, never disappears completely, and thus every human personality, that embraces the experience of its ancestors and its own personal life experience, does not cease to exist with the termination of the individual life, but fully continues to exist in all living beings that got in contact with it at least indirectly during its life, and thus it lives on in all of them and their descendants as if it was spilled in them, but then it lives forever, as long as life on the Earth exists at all. "








The greatest proof of the existence of intelligent life in the Universe is the fact that so far no one has tried
to contact us.



Calendar for the following week:


The 8th February, 5pm (+1 UTC)
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 7 by Dr.S.Avdeev. 
Topic: “Why don’t wishes come true? (The role of the Human Light System in a person's life, measuring the HLS, the basics of its evolution and development)” + practical info and exercises with the Translighter Super
The 9th February, 5pm (+1 UTC)
GDV Water electrode - a practical lecture about 30 minutes for everyone who is interested in this technology.


The 10th February, 10 am (+1 UTC)
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 8 by Dr.K.Korotkov. 
Topic: "What is energy?"
The 11th February from 2pm (+1 UTC)
- The Biointernet Meditation Global Experiment with the GDV Sputnik sensor.
Online Every Saturday 2PM (GMT +1)




The 14th February, 5 pm (+1 UTC)
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 9 by Dr.S.Avdeev. 
Topic: “The structures of the time of life (the basics of the Theory of Physical Structures) - the world order from a new perspective. The basics of light interactions (how to feel the Living Light? The light of Family, the Light of Knowledge, the Light of Love - different manifestations of the Living Light)”
The 15th February, 9 am (+1 UTC)
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 10 by Dr. A.Dvoryanchikov
Topic: "The concept of qi in Chinese medicine and the possibility of interpretation of energy levels in GDV-grams"




Main Topics of the HLS 2.0

Gas Discharge Visualisation Technologies by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
GDV Bioelectrography
GDV Diagnostics
The Energy of Space
Translighters Technologies by Dr. Sergey Avdeev
Intuitive Information Sight Technologies
The Biointernet (Intuitive) Marketing
Low and Superlow Fields and Human Health
Healing (Structured) Digital Photography
The Biointernet Technologies
The Biointernet Expeditions 
The Biointernet Global Meditation 
Magic Stone Shungite
and many many more…

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