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Korotkov Subscriber 23.2.17. More about the Schumann resonance

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The Schumann Resonance

     The assumption of the existence of the electromagnetic waves resonance in the Earth-ionosphere space was made in the 1950s by a professor of the University of Munich Otto Schumann.

     After 60 years of numerous researches and checks the frequency of 7.83 Hz was finally defined as the standard frequency of the Earth.
Recently the topic of the frequency of the Earth - "the Schumann frequency” - has often been discussed.

     Currently the frequency of 7.8 Hz is the basic one for magnetic therapy devices.





Recently the topic of the frequency of the Earth - "the Schumann frequency” - has often been discussed.
Just in a couple of years, in the end of 1995 the frequency of the Earth’s vibration was determined as 8.6 times per second. In the beginning of the 1996 the researchers captured the number of 8.7 times per second.


1995 – 8.6 Hz

1999 – 11.2 Hz
2000 – 12 Hz
2001 – 12.2 Hz
2002 – 12.4 Hz
The beginning of 2003 – 12.6 Hz
July, 2003 – 12.89 Hz

And on the 13th of November, 2003 the frequency reached 13 Hz!
    In relation to this we can think of the brain rhythms and their diapasons:
Less than 4 Hz – Delta waves – deep sleep,
4-7 Hz – Theta waves – usual sleep,
7-13 Hz – Alpha waves – relaxation, state of trance,
13-40 Hz – Beta waves – activeness, usual daytime activity of the brain,
more than 40 Hz – Gamma waves – intensive activity (aggression or quick logical thinking, solving tasks in difficult conditions or in case the time is very limited).
     The thing is that if the Schumann resonance increases from 8 Hz to 13 Hz, it will “knock on the doors” of the Beta waves, which is the rhythmus of our usual life (not the modern crazy life, but just normal life). At this frequency the brain functions reasonably. In other words, people will not need to meditate anymore to get an access to different fields, channels, abilities. All this will be as natural for them as breath or speech. At the moment the frequencies of 11-12 Hz are already being captured, and if the frequency increases up to 13 Hz, the Earth’s poles might even change their location!
     Indeed, the rhythmus of 13-15 Hz is captured while intensive intellectual work, during creative ecstasy. For people who are used to intellectual work, as well as other kinds of mental activity, this state can be a natural one, if it is filled with pure and joyful thoughts. But the wonderful meditative state, which is described in different spiritual practices, corresponds to the frequency of 30 Hz and higher. Therefore, those who would like to make a breakthrough should meditate regularly and for a long time. You just need to teach your brain to function at these highest frequencies.

     Every person influences the changes of their basic frequency by their intellectual activity, the type of their thinking influences this frequency. Moreover, negative mood leads to the decrease in the rhythmus, while positive mood raises the frequency of the brain’s basic rhythmus. People in general create a full diapason of vibrations.

     While Alfa and Beta rhythms enable us to adjust to the usual world, the Gamma rhythm already corresponds to the perception of subtle worlds. The Earth by raising its frequency sort of wakes people up, makes their brain leave its state of sleepiness and work more meaningfully. The increase of the frequency makes us perceive subtle worlds. This opens a wide range of opportunities for self-realization through creativity: if the main frequency of the Earth corresponds to the state of creative breakthrough, this will become an excellent support for a creative mind. By the way, according to certain data, the brain uses exactly the same frequencies during lucid dreaming.

     If the frequency keeps growing, we will gradually reach the Gamma rhythmus (40 Hz and higher) which was not studied well yet, and which, according to some data, is responsible for creativity and inspiration. It is said about people who have experienced this state that “the muse has visited them”. It is interesting that according to Zen Buddhism this state is close to the Enlightenment.






How to see your etheric body?

In order to carry out these exercises you need to find a one-color background.
- Pull out your hand closer to the one-color background and hold it at the eye level with your palm facing you;
- Spread your fingers;
- Focus your vision on the area around your fingers;
- After a few seconds you should see a grayish haze around your fingers, this haze is your etheric body;
- If it did not work the first time, try again, and if it was successful, keep practicing until you can see your etheric body better and more clearly.






The magazine "Chemistry and life" began to publish ​cooking recipes.





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