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Korotkov Subscriber 8.4.17: Taxes and a quantum "observer"

Quantum Physics Observer effect

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Posted 07 April 2017 - 05:52 PM

A quantum "observer"
     The word Quantum comes from the Latin word for, “How much”. Something coming in vast amounts. New studies in quantum physics and quantum mechanics are revealing that when protons – the fundamental particles that make up light are created in pairs, they can emerge from different locations, rather than the old belief which stated that, photon pairs originated from single points in space.
     Konstantin Korotkov and his team of Physicists are using the Bio-Well and Sputnik technologies in global meditation experiments, measuring how the witnessing of an event or location plays a very important role, and how mankind influences the event directly. Several physicists have presented theories throughout time explaining the observer effect and how events don’t happen in single definite orders – They claim that events happen simultaneously which gives evidence to the concept of change that occurs to an event or location after been witnessed.
     We understand that everything is made of waves and particles which make up the quantum field. Effects follow their causes. Our observation of an event or object creates changes at the micro level where an entanglement occurs. When two particles interact – they become entangled which would explain the observation concept, that a person emits light which travels as a wavelength that correlates with the observed particles which in turn form and entanglement – Equilibrates with the surrounding environment; creating an effect of change. All living beings emanate light. When we send forth our vision, we are casting a trace of light that falls upon an event or object. A mutual exchanging of light takes place with the environment we are observing. It is as though a magical agreement is made in the realms of time and space between the observer and the observed, and that creates change in the light structures that is mirrored between them – A resonation occurs which can influence the original event or object.
     Let us take another example of this, when a person engages with a book – The witnessing and reading of the text brings it to life; gives it  movement and purpose again. We could say that without a reader, a text remains stored as a memory in the Authors mind, but once the pages are opened and the words come alive upon the tongue of a reader, the trace of light is exchanged between text and reader. We could compare it to the natural exchange and polarity that exists within nature such as: light and darkness, the Sun and the Moon, joy and sadness, summer and winter, earth and sky. Without the presence of one, the other could not exist. The possibilities to change or influence an event or object through the observer effect could be unlimited, and applied to several practical aspects of our daily lives!
  Written by Malcolm Griffin by request of the Korotkov company
Our world consists of structures since the beginning of time. From as early back as 3.5 billion years, the Single-Celled microorganisms collectively evolved into groups of organisms that shared structural features and ancestry. And societies were formed.
As the evolvement of life continued and adapted into new species, mankind eventually was dreamed and walked the earth. When the planet became populated, rules and regulations ensued. An order of agreement was put in place so that everyone would live and contribute towards the society they lived in. Our ancestors before us settled differences and repaid their debts by gifting food or livestock to whomever they owed a service to. This system of gifting an exchange for a service has continued into today’s populated planet.
Tax is a financial charge or levy imposed upon a taxpayer by a state. The tax is distributed among individuals who work for financial gain and understand that credit accumulates on their income tax where eventually a tax refund is issued. There are several types of tax systems that people contribute to, and each country in the world has their own systems. One example is (Vat), a value-added tax that we pay on our homes, cars, goods, etc. These contributions from the working people are given with the presumption that responsibility to spending it is carried out in a fair way that benefits everyone. We envisage that the money should be put back into society to support such things as infrastructure: health systems, transport, government services and so on. At the end of the day, the people create the state and give with gratitude so that everything should come in a circle, and responsibility and duty is carried out to benefit everybody.
All societies are connected and should operate in harmonious circles. Our collective consciousness sings the same music but if all systems are not working for the greater good of all, then the melody will not resonate with the words. If kindness and unfair actions exist together, there will be a clash, and a breakdown of structures. Humanity should strive together with substance, meaning, that without the true essence of our nature being expressed, we are not upholding our inheritance from nature. We should aspire to gift a good deed to somebody each day. But that deed of compassion should emerge from the heart without looking for recognition or reward. Tax and the services provided from the contributions of society should withhold a balance and agreement so that it suits both sides and all benefit - in a giving way. The natural order of nature may mirror to us that, to receive, we must give!
Written by Malcolm Griffin by request of the Korotkov company
At the hospital.
Patient: Doctor, to tell the truth, I didn’t believe that the medicine you had prescribed for me would help. But it has helped me. You are a magician! 

Physician: To tell the truth, the pharmacist is the magician, not me. By mistake I gave you a medical form on which I had tried my pen which didn’t write.

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Lecture 5 - Tatiana Karovina - Lucid Dreaming
Lecture 6 - Dr. Avdeev - Why don't wishes come true?
Lecture 7 - Dr. K. Korotkov - What is energy?
Lecture 8 - Dr. Avdeev - Potential of Love + Super Translighters + practical part
Lecture 9 - Dr. Dvoryanchikov - The concept of qi in Chinese medicine
Lecture 10 - Tatiana Karovina - Precognitions
Lecture 11 - Dr. Avdeev - The structures of time 
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Lecture 13 - Tatiana Karovina - Telepathy
Lecture 14 - Dr Avdeev - The connection of the light fields
Lecture 15 - Dr. Dvoryanchikov - Continuation of particular description of the Meridians
Lecture 16 - Karen O'Dell - Introduction to the human energy system
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