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Korotkov Subscriber 19.4.17: A stupid one is a threat to the society

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Posted 19 April 2017 - 11:25 AM

 The Human Light System 
     In modern literature on human energy one can find names of different human bodies. Except the physical (material) body it is often spoken about the etheric, vital, astral, mental bodies, the causal or karmic body (the body of Karma), the buddhic or intuitive body (the body of Consciousness).
     Where were these terms created? Is is necessary to note that they are used precisely in modern literature. You will not find them in any historical, or esoteric, or magical literature.
     If we followed the logic of modern interpreters of energy and informational structure of a human, we could say that a physical body consists of a bone, muscle, protein and fatty bodies. It makes no sense to separate all bodies, as they are concentrated in one whole. Each of these bodies is a conditionality, a cross-section of properties of the human organism on different levels.
It turns out that the fingers of a calm person (left) and an excited person (right) emit different kinds of energy. (Narkevich-Iodko)
 The Human Light System is one of the systems of a human body, the same as cardiovascular or digestive system. One can't speak about it as a separated or isolated system.
The Human Light System is a link between a person and the world around them at the level of energy and informational relations. It is based on the interaction between various energy flows.
     The structure of the human energy system has been studied extensively by the doctors of Oriental cultures. European and Western science began to study this much later, but according to the tradition of modern science, it had to get serious evidence before accepting this knowledge.
For example, Narkevich-Iodko (1848-1905) is the author of pioneering works on the use of the electromagnetic radiation of gas discharge plasma for the visualization of living organisms and their practical application in medicine for assessing the physiological state of the organism. The scientist called the method of capturing the energy emitted by a living organism as a result of an influence of an electric field "electrography".
     The research carried out by the scientist G.M. Silanov, who photographed the “aura” of a broken tree, is not very famous, but is very remarkable.
     Among the wonderful and modern methods of photographing and analyzing the results obtained with the help of a computer, the recent one was patented by professor Korotkov. This method is called Gas Discharge Visualization and is widely used by both professional athletes and ordinary people in their everyday life, as well as by doctors of both allopathic and traditional medicine.
     All these inventions have proved the existence of the HLS, and now we have to learn to use
the obtained information, which brings us the knowledge about the human energy from past centuries.

The Darwin Awards: one step from stupidity to tragedy

     The Darwin Awards obtained their official form in 1993. Thanks to the Internet, the award became popular in the US, and “The Darwin Awards” film made it famous all over the world.
     The main condition of obtaining the award is that a stupid thing committed by a nominee must be outstanding and confirmed, the nominee themselves at the same time should be of the full legal age, of sound mind, sober and should have suffered as a result of their own actions.
     A graduate university student was traveling as a passenger on the back seat of a car. He did not fasten his seat belt on principle, as he believed that the government had invented a stupid law with the seat belts which violated his rights. All the passengers of the car, except for him, survived the accident and had just minor scratches.
     A young man found a JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off) - a solid-fuel jet accelerator, which is used on some military aircrafts to take off from a short runway. He attached the installation to the Chevrolet Impala. The car accelerated on an even straight road to a speed of about 300 miles per hour. An attempt to brake was unsuccessful – the only result were the blown tires - black stripes on the asphalt turned into furrows from the disks.
     A driver was found in his broken Toyota without a safety belt, without pants, but with a mobile phone still showing a porn film and traces of ejaculation in the cabin.
We will not write about “The Darwin Awards – one step from stupidity to tragedy” any more. This is not our direction. We would just like to ask you: think and be happy. 







The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. 
Albert Einstein
The Human Light System Congress Training 
is like fireworks of knowledge, light, 
smiles and creative talents, which will bring you 
unforgettable impressions!
Add glamour to this picture with your presence


The following events will take place 
in the next seven days:
The 20th April, 5pm (+2 UTC)
- A short practical lecture for about 30 minutes
Topic: Shungite 
7pm (MT) - the same lecture for friends from the Western hemisphere
In order to join the meeting, click HERE
The 21th April, 5pm (+2 UTC)
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 33 by Dr. Sergey Avdeev
Topic: ​“The field of events and the time space. How to decrease the Loss of the Time of Life?".

The 22nd April from 2pm (+2 UTC)
- Biointernet meditation





The 25th April, 7pm (+2 UTC)
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 34 by Dr. Dieter Zenke
Topic: "Ak Tom. Therapy of organ systems of the human body. Gastrointestinal tract.".

The 26th April, 10am (+2 UTC)
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 35 by Dr. Alexandr Dvoryanchikov
Topic: “Continuation about the kidneys + The stomach: its functions from the perspective of the TCM. Main reasons of stomach diseases, determining the state of the stomach through interpretation of GDV-grams.".


If you'd be interested to participate in seperate lectures or the whole course visit our shop.





2nd Month Summary o

Human Light System Course 2.0
25th February – 25th March 2017
Lecture 14 - Dr Avdeev - The connection of the light fields with human systems and organs. Normalization of human systems. The light structure of the DNA.
Lecture 15 - Dr. Dvoryanchikov - Continuation of particular description of the Meridians 
Lecture 16 - Karen O'Dell - Introduction to the human energy system
Lecture 17 - Dr. Dvoryanchikov - The heart: its functions from the perspective of the TCM. Main reasons of heart diseases, determining the state of the heart through interpretation of GDV-grams.
Lecture 18 - Oleg Bazhenov - Photography as a method of gaining knowledge
Lecture 19 - Tatiana Karovina - How to see without using eyes - Special online training.
Lecture 20 - Dr. Zenke - General Introduction. Techniques of emitting electromagnetic radiation in the in the GHz-range. Biological and physiological effects of GHz EMR. Medical  application of EHF EMS. General principles and methods, diagnosis, EHF mono-therapy and co- therapy.
Lecture 21 - Dr. Dvoryanchikov - continuation with Heart + The lungs: their functions from the perspective of the TCM. Main reasons of pulmonary diseases, determining the state of the lungs through interpretation of GDV-grams
Lecture 22 - Tatiana Karovina - The Biointernet Equipment and Intuitive Information Sights Technologies
Lecture 23 - Karen O’Dell - The basics of sensing the human energy system, chakra centres
Human Light System Online Course 2.0

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