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Korotkov Subscriber 28.4.17: Diamond, shungite and coal

Diamond shungite coal brilliant

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The transfer of knowledge 
One of the most important conditions for progressive development of the human civilization is the transfer of the accumulated experience of studying the world and the methods of self-knowledge.
The transfer of knowledge is based on the following principles.
1. The transfer of knowledge is a voluntary thing. It is impossible to force a person to study, and experts cannot be forced to share their knowledge. Formalized knowledge is only 20-30% of all available information which is necessary for our work. The rest of it is informal, intuitive knowledge.
2. People are striving for real contact, therefore, the relationships and contact are the most important factors in the process of knowledge transfer. The transfer of knowledge is a contact process, which requires both parties to treat each other in a respectful way and to take responsibility for the quality of communication. In the process of learning from other people we gain knowledge not only verbally. A lot of information is obtained through our Human Light System, which is linked with Light Systems of all other living beings. Of course, personal communication makes the process of learning more efficient, although light connections also enable us to exchange information at a distance.
3.The recipient should show interest in obtaining the knowledge, only then they will be willing to ask the right questions and get deeper knowledge. It was proved that 80% of all knowledge obtained by people during their life is received through asking questions.
4. Experts should be interested in providing high quality of knowledge transfer. Voluntary transfer of knowledge is possible, provided that employees feel that they are a part of a team, where respect gives rise to trust between the members of the team. In this case there is no reason to fear that you will become unnecessary, as soon as all your knowledge is dragged out of you.
5. The process of knowledge transfer and learning is more effective when a beginner uses the newly gained knowledge in practice.
Many experts work in their fields for dozens of years, therefore, they act almost instinctively. The task of the beginner is to reflect on their actions and decisions.
Working hand in hand with experts, a beginner gets a unique opportunity to absorb a lot of their knowledge.
Written by Tatiana Karovina and Maria Shlenskaya by request of the Korotkov company


Human Light System Congress Training 2017
8 Seminars/one week/13 trainers!
Dear friends, we invite you to the 
Human Light System Congress Training 2017
 (HLS CT), which will take place between 
25th and 31rd May 2017 
in Prague and Online.

As education is the key for any kind of development, we are going to conduct a unique event.
Seminars HLS CT 2017

Bio-Well with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov 
Translighters Technologies with Dr. Sergey Avdeev 
Bio-Well Diagnostics with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov 
Low & Superlow fields devices with Dr. Dieter Zenke 
Intuitive Information Sight Technologies for blind people with Tatiana Karovina 
The Biointernet (Intuitive) Marketing with Kirill Korotkov 
Digital Structured (Healing) Photography with Oleg Bazhenov
The Biointernet Expedition (Prague)
+ Sessions by interests
+ Evening Meetings 
+ Lucid Dreaming (at Night)
+ Games of and on

Pure Brilliant Water – The inner diamond!  
Written by Malcolm Griffin by request of the Korotkov company
     Diamond is the hardest known material to man. It is made up purely of carbon atoms which are each bonded to four other carbon Atom by covalent bonds which creates a perfect tetrahedral structure – making it very pure and uncoloured. 
     One of the special properties of a diamond is its ability of Scintillation. When the diamond is observed in motion, it emits a spark of white and coloured flashes of light.  This reflection could be the essence and life of the diamond. This process is also known as flash and fire Scintillation. Diamond fire is the breakdown of light into different colours. Diamonds were considered by the ancient people to be sacred.      
     They are mentioned in Sanskrit texts dating back before 400 B.C. Theories suggested they were the teardrops of God or were formed by the powers and magic of lightning-beings.
     Diamonds also contain a water element. Many Chinese martial art traditions speak of developing the diamond body through hard Chi-kung practises which strengthens the outer energy layer that protects the body from disease and impact. Mankind has always looked at nature for teachings and diamonds represent healing and purity in many cultures. The term “Diamond water”, which is another name given to structured water where the liquid crystal structure is charged with frequency and cleansed for drinking and for healing. Scientists have discovered the effects of intention, will, emotion and directed thoughts and wishes upon frozen water. Emoto and other scientists observed the development of crystals in water whilst under the influence of directed positive or negative thoughts. The sacred verbalisation of intentions with a high degree of emotional charge, resulted in the manifestation of geometric crystal images aglow with light. Beautiful bright structures formed under the influence of empowering words such as, love, happiness, Mother Teresa, truth, peace, thank you and others, and dark incomplete crystals formed in the water that was cast with words such as, demon, I hate you, I’ll kill you, and other negative charged sounds. 
     We know that water is a great conductor and resonates with whatever it encounters, which led to other tests been carried out using: binaural tones and Solfoggenic frequencies, music, pictures, prayers, exposure to children energy, anger, flowers and intentions. When flowers were placed into the water, the scientists discovered each crystal contained the image of the flower. 
     The ancient people used intentions and wishes willed with the magic of their thoughts to bless water. They divined with their senses to find water beneath the earth. Cleansed and blessed their bodies and the spaces in which they lived in. Forged a living around it. One could say they left a memory and teachings within the water. Gemstones such as quartz were readily used to charge water under sunlight or moonlight.      And the wells across many lands were regarded as sacred, and places of healing power. Water brings cosmic intelligence – A river navigates the path of least resistance, even cutting through stone. Science has given us the information that water contains a memory and charge. The tribal people of the Earth gave us an inner-knowing, a respect and duty to be caretakers. They listened to the earth, the sky, the moon, the sun, the stars and to water – and its music. They understood the two motions of the universe, contraction and expansion, and moved with its ebb and flow whilst following the rhythm of the rivers and oceans. Honouring their gifts of food and life, and atoned with their own internal music and water. They bridged the inner and outer together to create a perfect harmonious union! 
     We are still at a beginning trying to understand the capabilities and possibilities of water but the knowing of the super consciousness is returning and science meeting with the ancient may reveal the knowledge about water and life that our forefathers always knew. The end – depends on the beginning . . .
Written by Malcolm Griffin by request of the Korotkov company
The shungite consists of the same element as diamonds and coal.
You will learn more about the unique properties of the shungite from a video of one of our short practical lectures, 
The following events will take place 
in the next seven days:
The 29th April, 2PM (+2 UTC) 

Biointernet meditation 
Online Every Saturday 2PM (GMT +1)

Just click here to join us online
The 2nd May, 10am (+2 UTC) 
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 37 by Dr. Sergey Avdeev

Topic: "Light interaction with the Family in the past, the present and the future. Real wishes and imposed ones. Creation of the time of life for realization of Real wishes. Reducing biological age. Exercises with the Translighter Mirror of Isis"

The 2nd May, 5зm (+2 UTC) 

Intuitive Information Sight games with Tatiana Karovina

Just click here to join us online


The 4th May, 5pm (+2 UTC) 
- A short practical lecture for about 30 minutes
Topic: "Ak Tom"
Practical lectures are conducted every Thursday for our friends from the 
Eastern 11am (+2 UTC) and 
Western 19 MDT hemispheres.
Just click here to join us online

The 5th May, 7pm (+2 UTC) 
- HLS 2.0 online course, lecture 38 by Boris Petrovic
Topic: "Consciousness Technologies"
Here you can purchase one particular lecture ​which you are interested in. 
1st Month summary of HLS online course 2.0 [ PDF ]
2nd Month summary of HLS online course 2.0 [ PDF ]
Human Light System Online Course 2.0


Meteorology is an exact science: the tambourine must be held in the left hand.

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