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The myth and science of Kirlian photography

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Posted 18 October 2014 - 12:13 PM

The myth and science of Kirlian photography



Kirlian photography, although the study of which can be traced back to the late 1700s, was officially invented in 1939 by Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian. The Kirlian photographic process reveals visible “auras” around the objects photographed. These photographs have been the subject of much controversies over the years. Interestingly, much of this was initially put forth by the inventor himself, along with his wife to explain the Kirlian photography phenomena.


Kirlian photography is also known as Aura Photography. To understand Aura Photography one should know what is aura. We have two bodies: one is physical visible body and another invisible auric body. For example people doing meditation have a glow on their face. This is aura.


The aura or energy field reflects the powerful connection our brain and nervous system create between the body, mind and spirit. A person’s thoughts, emotions and beliefs are mirrored in the aura, which is why the aura and chakras can be used to determine underlying issues related to physical symptoms.


In the year 2000, another Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov updated this camera to directly record, process and interpret aura images with a computer. This camera is known as GDV Camera.


Therapeutic use
The most common therapeutic use of Kirlian photography is as a diagnostic tool. Variations in the shapes, colours and intensity of images produced are said to provide clues to the patients overall health and energy level. It indicates presence or absence of diseases, specific emotional states and other physiological or psychological conditions.


Full text here: Attached File  Pharmabiz Articles.pdf   307.81KB   20 downloads


Thank you, Dear Dr. Shah for this text.

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